Expert Witness Reports / Litigation Reports for NCAT and Court

Our Expert Witness reports are suitable for the NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or Court and comply with all legal requirements and are in accordance with Court/Tribunal standards.

Barry Morris is the Principal Consultant for Building & Construction Reports with more than 25 years experience as a Building Consultant and over 40 years experience as a Civil Engineer and Builder.  When completing his Civil Engineering Degree, Barry majored in Quantity Surveying and Construction Law which qualifies him to assist you with your Claim at Tribunal or in Court.

As you may be aware, a necessary step in the litigation process is the preparation of a Report, Scott Schedule and a Bill of Quantities which is an essential part of your claim or defence.

A Scott Schedule details the defects, its method of rectification as well as the likely cost of the works.  The costs would then be displayed as a Bill of Quantities (a quantity surveying term) with a detailed cost break down.

There is no substitution for experience which always carries weight!

We are able to deal with all matters from residential construction to structural issues, poor quality workmanship, overpayments of progress claims and overcharging of variations as well as contractual issues and non compliance of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), The National Construction Code (NCC) and non compliance with Australian Standards.

We can also assist Builders and Sub-contractors where differences or disputes arise with the Contract or the works.

reports for NCAT disputes