Choosing a Building Consultant

Some people are driven by price, however the cheapest building consultant will probably not be the one for your needs short term and definitely not long term – CHOOSE CAREFULLY.

If you are having a dispute, ‘builder with client’ or ‘client with builder’, it usually involves a lot of money.

If, however, you just have a simple building issue then often the cheaper consultant may be capable of assisting in the process.

Building consultants - a guide

A guideline to use is that the junior or less experienced consultants charge less money and the more experienced or senior consultants who are experienced in litigation matters and are an expert witness often charge around and over $400.00 per hour plus GST.

Some consultant’s fees for reports can also include for Scott Schedules and detailed Bills of Quantities and some do not!

More often than not Quantity Surveying fees are charged ‘extra over’ the quoted fee.

Be  clear about what your quoted fees include.

If you need an expert witness or senior consultant, be sure to get one!

Building consultant Barry Morris recommends that you refer to the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal titled ‘Engaging an Expert’ linked below.

We can also provide a service, should the Court order you or if you reach an agreement with your builder or client, where we can independently mediate your dispute at a ‘split cost’ to both parties. This could hopefully avoid expensive Solicitor fees as we will act in the best interests for both of you independently and adhering to the relevant NSW Codes of Conduct.

choosing a building consultant