Products & Services

Our range of products and services includes:

  • Expert Witness Reports for NCAT and Court
  • Building Inspection Defect Reports
  • Annual Fire Safety Strata Reports and Inspections
  • Builder's Warranty Defects Reports
  • Mould, Fungi and Timber Rot
  • Drone Aerial Surveys
  • Litigation Reports
  • Scott Schedules
  • Building and Home Owners
  • Reports for Builders and Sub-Contractor
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Commercial reports
  • Domestic reports
  • Construction advice
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Quality control in construction
  • Budget & cost management
  • Timber pest damage reports
  • Termite damage assessments
  • Building economisation
  • Rectification of defective work estimates and specifications

New Home Construction Progress Reports

We recommend that you have an independent consultant assess the construction process at key stages during the construction process to provide quality control reports.

Dilapidation reports

Dilapidation Reports document the general condition of a property and any structural cracking and defects of the adjoining properties prior to the commencement of construction works.

Project Management

Whether it is overseeing your project build from the beginning of your project or rectification works at the end of your project we can provide you with the most suitable solution or cost effective way to move forward.

Owner Builder/Home Warranty Defect Reports

We provide a full comprehensive Building Inspection Report of your recently constructed dwelling whilst it is still under warranty to list any defects that require rectification before the end of your warranty period.

Subfloor, Roof and Moisture issues

Generally in older buildings these issues are common and will accelerate the decay of the structure and as a consequence cost money.
Due to accessibility issues roofs and sub floors are often forgotten giving area and conditions conclusive to termite entry and timber rot and fungi.

Asbestos Identification

Asbestos is found in some older building materials and if disturbed or if decaying, will give off dangerous dust type particles which, if ingested by human beings, can have serious consequences.
Some inspections will clearly indicate the presence of asbestos and if not samples can be sent away for testing.
We will issue an appropriate written report following our inspection.

Cost Analysis

On all reports, if required; the costs can be either on a simple table form or can be fully detailed on a Bill of Quantities format.

Quality Control

In Construction, quality control can be organised on a progressive basis as construction proceeds with a fully detailed report following each inspection or stages of work or at the completion of work.


All defects are judged against the Building Code of Australia or the relevant Australian Standards and reported as a defect if they do not comply.

Scott Schedules

Where required Scott Schedules are prepared in accordance with Court or NCAT format.

Termite damage assessments

We are fully experienced and equipped to investigate for concealed termite damage using non destructive methods in concealed areas using a borescope. We will provide detailed reports and damage cost assessment claims and litigation issues. We can also advise regarding termite risk reduction and termite treatment systems.


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