Why choose Building and Construction Reports?


Our principal consultant has over 25 years experience as a Building Consultant and over 40 years experience as a Civil Engineer and Builder. Please refer to Barry Morris' Curriculum Vitae on this website.

If you choose Building & Construction Reports you will get quality services and a quality comprehensive report at a value for money.


What puts Building and Construction Reports above the others?


We are committed to excellence and we have years of experience as well as a proven track record.


Why choose Building and Construction Reports for your Litigation or Defects report?


If you are a home owner or a construction contractor and think you have  a problem with your contract, you probably do have one!  Do NOT delay in seeking advice.  The problem only esculates.

It is important to correctly document your position and record the facts especially if work is progressing or defects may be 'built in' and difficult to inspect or rectify later.

You should be prepared that if your matter cannot be settled that you may end up in Court or in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and your case will hinge on the quality and thoroughness of your records and reports.

When choosing a consultant, you should consider their qualifications or curriculum vitae and their expertise.   to change consultants part way through is a costly matter.

Also, if possible, when speaking to them try to assess what they would be like when giving evidence to the Court or the Tribunal in the Witness Box, or what they would be like negotiating on your behalf with the other side's expert and under pressure.


How much will it cost?


At most times this is an impossible question to answer as there are a number of variable conditions that will affect the answer, such as:

How many defects (known and unknown) exist?

How hard does the other side intend to fight?

Have the parties drawn battle lines or are they prepared to negotiate?

Is the other side's consultant realistic in his report preparation and his understanding of the defects?  We charge an initial site visit cost of $770 + GST in the Sydney metro area for the first hour.  Thereafter $390 per hour plus GST for report writing.

Also make sure that whoever you are speaking to when choosing your report company or inspector is adequately qualified and has years of experience.  Make sure that they are members of accredited organisations such as the Institute of Building Consultants (IBC) or the Master Builders Association (MBA).  Our inspector, Barry Morris, is a Life Member of the IBC.

Ask if they have Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as Public Liability Insurance.  If in doubt ask to see current copies of the policy as some consultants are not correctly qualified nor are they insured.