Building & New Home Construction

Building your home can be your largest single financial commitment – keep control at all times or you will pay the price! It is highly recommended that you have an independent consultant assess the construction process as work proceeds and provide construction quality control reports.

The recommended stages are:

  1. When the concrete slab/ footings are ready for concrete.
  2. After the timber frame is erected.
  3. During bricklaying.
  4. At lock up stage.
  5. On completion

* For other projects or general construction i.e. landscaping / retaining walls / swimming pools, inspection stages can be by arrangement.

Most builders, we would like to think, are reputable and follow the requirements of the BCA or NCC however some do not and these are the ones that you need to look out for.

There is always some owners who are not sure of their entitlements  under the contract and unrealistically expect over and above benefits on issues they are not entitled to under the contract.

It is our role to balance any unrealistic expectations with reality which they sometimes do. There is always a balanced approach - construction quality control reports will help with this.

Always remember you have to suffer a loss before you have grounds to resort to legal action, a ‘clash of personalities’ is not always grounds for litigation.

Progress inspections as detailed above, often short circuit the risk of defects and will ‘nip it in the bud’ before it escalates into a dispute.

We also offer a ‘construction progress advice service’ as work proceeds and also before you sign a Building Contract. Quite often contracts are not equitable or are in the incorrect format for the works being undertaken. The value of progress payment schedules can be loaded and the issue of PC allowances and percentages for additional works can be unjust so talk to us before signing a contract.

Always get the contract checked before you sign!

We will do this on a time basis and, if required as works proceeds, we will check progress claims and the value and entitlement of variations for both builders and owners.

construction quality control reports