Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation reports can also be referred to as Building Condition reports, as they reflect the current condition of a building, adjoining structures and Council owned property such as footpaths, kerbs and guttering.

Dilapidation Reports document the general condition of a property and any structural cracking and defects of the adjoining properties prior to the commencement of construction works.

A dilapidation report may become a condition of your Development Application necessary to satisfy your local Council.

A Building Expert will need to carry out the dilapidation report and is usually engaged either by the builder or the owner or the developer.These reports are recommended and proof or protection should damage occur as a result of construction.

Generally a dilapidation report can be called insurance to safeguard yourselves against claims in the future.

The Process

Should you have a dispute involving a building matter under the Building Act you should consult with an appropriate Solicitor and get legal advice.

The process is clearly explained in a document provided by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) under the heading ‘Home Building’ which can be found below.


Should your dispute not be under the Home Building Act, that is, for instance, a commercial or industrial development or a multi story development, the process is different and also is the value if the dispute is in excess of $500,000.00.

Should you be unsure, contact us or give us a call and we will steer you in the correct direction.

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