Building Defect Reports

Generally building standards are referenced to the Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian Standards or Good Building Practices and are reported as a defect if they do not comply with these Standards.
Our building defect reports cover house construction, Industrial and Commercial as well as landscaping and retaining wall issues.

When first considering the following issues you may not have considered that you may end up in Court or the Tribunal.

Building defect issues such as rising damp, roof leaks, bathroom and shower leaks and mould and mildew as well as fungi. In addition the great Australian enemy, the termite.

Other issues can involve Insurance Claims for fire / water staining and impact damage as well as the structure of the building where water penetration is occurring. In particular, Home Owner Warranty Claims. Remember, water ingress is a structural defect.

Insurance Companies frequently try to mitigate their loss or full responsibility  and they employ consultants and Claim assessors who are specialists that specify the minimum which clearly, is not in your best interest.

Our clients vary from Home Owners, Tenants, Strata Managers and Building Owners.

Most people do not realise that structural and general defects in a domestic property are not limited to a six (6) year period. Only Home Owners Warranty has that restriction. Whereas Builders have a much longer responsibility period – up to fifty (50) Years!

Should you be in the period specified in your HOW Policy then act straight away – don’t be put off either by the Builder or the HOW Company. This can be a trick to allow the time restrictions of the policy to expire and leave you high and dry.

Act Now!

If you are at all concerned and know that you have defects, provide the insurance Company with our initial report, in writing, not email but in writing and record your lodgement and get names of people you are talking to at the Insurer  – this is important.

Defect Identification

Should you engage our Company you will be surprised what defects and breaches our initial inspection can expose  – defects you did not even know existed.

Older renovated buildings are not exempt from the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) or the National Construction Code (NCC). All works carried out must conform with these Standards.

Builders have a responsibility to comply with the BCA / NCC.

You will be surprised how many builders try to avoid this responsibility.

As an owner, be particularly careful if your house was built by an Owner Builder.


Again, most people do not know that when the Occupation Certificate is granted, the owner builder permit expires so your owner builder cannot return to fix anything!

The only course of rectification is for either yourself or the owner builder to appoint another fully licensed builder to do the work.

Should this not be clear, please contact ourselves for advice.

building defect reports